Angela Elliott Walker

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About Me

Welcome to my online gallery showing my artwork which is inspired by clear bright Arran days. 

The Isle of Arran is an utterly stunning island just off  the west coast of Scotland.

Original artwork, giclee prints and artist cards are available to buy through this website, at island exhibitions,  at the Arran Art Gallery or from my studio on Arran.

My Impressions of Arran paintings are based on the island's landscapes and the feeling they evoke.  Colour, flowing line, and shape are very important to me- probably as a result of my design background.

I started painting out of neccessity as our guesthouse we owned had some very large blank walls to fill.  Without substantial funds I had to sort it myself - it's the island way! 

After many courses on and off the island, lots of reading and experimenting coupled with lots of abandoned canvases I developed my own style.

I know when a painting is beginning to work as an almost hypnotic rythmn develops. Hours pass very easily! 

I show my work at Arran Art Gallery. I also submit work to many exhibitions on the island including a solo show at The Arran Distillery. My artwork can be seen all over Arran. I also accept commissions on and off Arran which I love to paint. I try to do as many good deeds as possible to help various good causes on Arran. I have designed 2 mugs for Arran mountain rescue, the image for the Arran gift card and the front cover for the Arran magazine.

I paint in my lovely studio which sits high on Mayish overlookIng Brodick Bay and Goatfell...absolutely beautiful.

My prints are born and bred on Arran- the fine art printer lives and works here too so they are 100% Arran.

I moved to Arran in 2003 to run a guest house after a long and successful career heading up an international design and development team. In 2016 after selling our guesthouse I started to concentrate more on my artwork.